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Rules & Regulations

As Amended November 2015


A.  Introduction

It is the intent of the Board of Directors of the Founders Pointe Homeowners to limit these rules and regulations to the minimum required for the mutual enjoyment of the Facility and grounds by its property owners, immediate family residents in their household and guests.  The obligation of enforcing these rules and regulations for the good of all residents is placed primarily in the hands of an extensively trained staff.  The principal responsibility of this staff is to assure all of the courtesies, comforts and services that the residents of this private club are entitled.  It is further the duty of the membership possessor, immediate family residents living in their household and their guests to know its rules and to cooperate with management and staff in the enforcement thereof.  The use of the Residents’ Club facility and Residents’ Park is included in the monthly HOA assessments. Anytime a homeowner is delinquent 30 days past the due date on their assessments, the Resident’s club will be notified and the homeowner’s membership will become inactive. The membership will remain inactive until all assessments have been repaid and are up to date. Inactive memberships are ineligible to use the Residents’ Club facility; including the swimming pool and any activities hosted by the Residents’ Club.

The increased complexity of operating a private club demands professional management by trained and knowledgeable people.  Therefore, the Founders Pointe Residents’ Club is under direction of Founders Pointe LLC, a company of East West Partners. Founders Pointe LLC and the Founders Pointe Homeowners Association have complete responsibility of managing the Club so that it remains both a source of pride and enjoyment to its residents. The regulations set forth in this document were adopted by the Founders Pointe Homeowners Association.


B.  Membership & Card Policies

Individuals must make an application to the Residents’ Club in order to have access to any of the facilities at The Founders Pointe Residents’ Club. All Club facilities and activities are for the sole use of Founders Pointe residents, all permanent household residents and accompanied guests during operating hours.

Individuals that are under contract, and have not closed on their home, will receive a temporary Membership Card in the mail provided the Residents’ Club has received a completed membership application from the family or their East West Realty Agent. Replacement Membership Cards for future property owners are $5.00 and must be paid for when the replacement request is made.

Once a homeowner closes on their home, if not contacted by the Residents’ Club, should inquire to set up a Membership Application Meeting. At this meeting you will receive your permanent Membership Card, as well as be briefed on the rules, regulations and procedures for the Facility.  Any household residents not able to make it to the meeting may come at a later date to have their Membership Card made. Replacement Membership Cards for property owners are $5.00 and must be paid for when the replacement request is made. 

Residents permanently living in the household who are three years old or older are required to have their own Membership Card.  Individuals permanently living in the household ages 18 years old or older are required to show proof of residency in the household.  The individual may use their driver’s license, a government, military or school document with their name and the property owner’s address listed on it. A photocopy of the document will be required to obtain their Membership Card and will be securely maintained in their membership file. 

Renting tenants residing in a household may only become eligible to use the Residents’ Club Facility once the homeowner has signed over their rights to use the amenities via a transfer of Amenity Rights and has turned in all Membership Cards issued to the household.

Upon the resale of a home, it it’s the seller’s responsibility to turn in any Membership Cards issued to that household and notify the Founders Pointe Homeowners Association. The buyer is responsible for applying for a new membership for the household.

The Membership Card is required to enter the swimming pool Facility.  The Pool Guest Services Staff will not be allowed to accept any other form of identification such as a driver’s license, military or school identification card.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but this guideline is to protect our resident’s usage rights and keep those that do not belong from using the Facility.

If you do not wish to keep your Membership Card, the Residents’ Club may hold on to it or you. During the summer season the Membership Cards are kept at the swimming pool gate under the supervision of the Pool Guest Services Staff.  From October thru April, the Membership Cards are kept inside the clubhouse.  Please see the appropriate staff to get your card. 


C. Rules & Regulations

For the purpose of definition in these rules and regulations, Residents’ Club Facility shall refer to the clubhouse and swimming pool while Residents’ Park shall refer to the playground, volleyball court, field and lake.


D. General Rules & Regulations

  1. The Residents’ Club management reserves the right to close the Facility for private functions..
  2. The Management of the Residents’ Club Facility, or his/her designee, shall have full and complete charge of the Residents’ Club Facility and Residents’ Park.
  3. Conduct at the Residents’ Club Facility must be such as to furnish the greatest enjoyment for the majority. The Management is given full authority to enforce all rules and regulations. 
  4. Usage of the Residents’ Club Facility and Residents’ Park is at your own risk. Use proper judgment and caution when utilizing these amenities to avoid injuries.
  5. As a safety precaution, no child under nine years old is allowed usage of the Residents’ Club Facility or Residents’ Park without a parent or guardian.  Guardians must be at least 16 years old, closely supervise the child at all times, and be able to pass the swim test or stand in the deepest end of the pool with their head fully out of the water.
  6. Residents and their guests are permitted to bring their own alcohol to the Residents’ Club Facility.  Alcohol shall not be sold or distributed.  Anyone drinking alcoholic beverages shall utilize a discreet plastic container. 
  7. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated at any time and may result in suspension of privileges.
  8. No pets are allowed in the clubhouse or pool area unless it is an organized activity by the Residents’ Club Management.
  9. The Residents’ Club is not responsible for lost, left or stolen personal property.  Residents and guests are not permitted to leave personal items at the Residents’ Club facility or in Residents’ Park overnight without prior permission. Lost and found items will only be kept for 14 days, after that they will be discarded or donated.
  10. Bike riding, roller blading, roller skating or skateboarding is not allowed on the club porch or pool deck at the Residents’ Club facility.  If a resident or guest becomes injured due to such actions, the HOA will not be liable for damages.
  11. Residents are not allowed usage of the clubhouse office equipment, maintenance items, swimming pool or activity/program equipment or food service equipment without the approval of Club Management.
  12. If a resident would like ice from the ice machine in the club kitchen, he/she must see the Club Guest Services Staff for assistance.  Ice is free, but may not be available on days that events or rentals are scheduled.
  13. Residents are required to clean-up after themselves while in the Residents’ Club facility or any Residents’ Park grounds; including throwing away their own trash in the provided receptacles or cleaning-up their food or beverage spills.
  14. Diaper changing is permitted only on the changing tables provided in the restrooms.
  15. Indoor areas of the Residents’ Club facility are smoke free.  If smoking outdoors, residents and guests are responsible for disposing of cigarette butts in the outdoor butt receptacles provided.
  16. No diving, swimming or use of watercraft in the retention pond – no exceptions. 
  17. No motorized vehicles of any type are to be used around the retention pond or any common grounds; including ATVs, 4 wheelers, mopeds, motorcycles, cars, trucks etc. 
  18. No fireworks/explosives of any type or illegal drugs/weapons/chemicals are to be brought onto the premises.  Due to liability, residents are not permitted to perform maintenance tasks at the Residents’ Club or on common grounds.
  19. The grill is available for resident use. Please call ahead to check on availability as this area may be utilized for club functions and private rentals.
  20. Residents are not permitted to remove clubhouse property from the premises.  If a resident would like to move property, please see the Residents’ Club management.
  21. The Residents’ Club Management or his/her designee will close the Residents’ Park and swimming pool under threatening weather conditions; including thunder, lightening, heavy down pours of rain, hail or other acts of nature.  No resident or guest shall enter a closed area until the Residents’ Club Management or his/her designee states that it is safe to reenter the area.  These areas will be closed for 30 minutes after each thunder occurrence or lightening strike, as recommended by the National Weather Service.
  22. No unauthorized person shall use the Residents’ Club facility unless it is officially open and staff is on duty.  Unauthorized persons entering the facility will be prosecuted for trespassing; and may have their membership suspended by the Homeowners Association Board.  Property owners may not enter areas that contain swimming pool chemicals and are marked as “Employees Only.”
  23. Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter the Residents’ Club facility.  If a resident becomes intoxicated while at an activity or rental, they will be asked to exit the facility for their safety.  If the individual does not cooperate, the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Department will be called for assistance and their access to the Residents’ Club Facility may be suspended at the discretion of the Residents’ Club Management, which shall be in effect until Founders Pointe HOA Board action is taken.


E.  Swimming Pool Policies

  1. Glass is not permitted in the swimming pool area at any time.
  2. Play equipment such as large floats, rafts or scuba equipment will not be allowed in the pool except under special circumstances, approved by the aquatic staff.
  3. No food, drink or cellular phones allowed in the pool.     
  4. Any child not completely toilet trained must wear an approved swim diaper that fits snugly around the waist and legs. A swimsuit must be worn over the diaper.
  5. The Neighborhood Youth League Swim Team holds a portion of their practices at the pool Facility during June and July.  Practice times and schedules are subject to change without notice to the residents. During these practice times, the youth swimmers will use the pool under the supervision of their team coach and his/her designee.  Residents may not swim with the swim team during non-operational pool hours since no Residents’ Club lifeguard staff will be on duty. If at any time during operational pool hours a resident desires to lap swim while the team is practicing, a lane will be given to that resident, not to exceed two lanes.  Please make your request to the Pool Guest Services Staff at the pool gate. While the swim team is practicing during operational hours, non-residents on the team are not permitted to swim in the pool while they are waiting for their turn to practice.     
  6. In the State of Virginia, neighborhood community pools are not required to staff lifeguards, however as a resident benefit, lifeguards are provided for safety.  Therefore, instructions from the Lifeguards and Pool Guest Services Staff residents are to be followed at all times. 
  7. The resident’s Membership Card must be presented when checking in at the pool.  All residents and guests must register upon arrival with the Pool Guest Services Staff resident.  Residents without a Membership Card will not be permitted to enter the pool Facility.
  8. When checking in the pool Facility, use the single gate located near the front corner of the pool gate, closest to the Residents’ Parking lot and bike rack.  A Pool Guest Services Staff resident will be stationed at the gate.  Hand your Membership Card to the staff resident.  They will assist you by checking you in, answering any questions that you may have and will also charge you the appropriate guest fees if applicable. 
  9. Residents may bring their own food and beverages to the facilities.  If a resident brings a cooler of any type to the pool, the Pool Guest Services Staff resident at the gate is required to look inside for glass containers. Glass is not permitted at the pool.
  10. A water fountain is located next to the outdoor restrooms on the pool deck. 
  11. All minors between the ages of nine and 16 years are required to take, and pass a swim test to visit the pool Facility without their parent or guardian present. Minors are required to enter the water at the 3-foot end of the pool, swim one length of the pool unassisted (without a flotation device), exit the 5-foot end of the pool by themselves, then jump back in the 5-foot end and tread water for 30 seconds.  If the minor passes, their Membership Card will indicate the test has been successfully completed. If the test is not successfully completed on the first attempt, the minor will be given another opportunity to take the test.  If the minor cannot pass the swim test requirement, he/she will not be allowed usage of the pool Facility without a parent or guardian present. 
  12. Each hour at the swimming pool will consist of a 40-45 minute “free swim” for all residents and guests to swim in the pool, followed by a 15-20 minute “adult swim”.   During the adult only swim, all individuals age 17 and under must exit the pool or sit on the stairs at the two main pool entrances.  Residents and guests with infants may enter the pool during adult swim.
  13. Proper swimwear must be worn in the swimming pool.  No street clothing is allowed.  Individuals may wear water shoes to protect their feet while walking on the pool plaster.  Everyday street shoes are not allowed. No cut-offs or shorts with buckles or rivets are allowed in the pool. All swimmers must wear proper and customary swimming attire.
  14. As a safety precaution, residents are required to closely supervise their own children and their guests. Residents must also closely monitor their children in the baby pool, for a lifeguard is not stationed at this area of the Facility. Lifeguards are present at the pool to try to prevent accidents, injuries and possible drowning.  Lifeguards do not supervise children misbehaving on the pool deck.
  15. If a resident or guest becomes sick or injured while in the swimming pool and blood, vomit, diarrhea or solid feces enters the water, the pool will be closed to clean and sanitize the water. Sanitizing the pool water may require closing a specific pool(s) for a large portion of or for the remainder of the day. Any person that becomes sick while at the pool is asked to not go back into the pool for the remainder of the day and notify the staff immediately.
  16. The Residents’ Club Manager or his/her designee have the authority to close the pool Facility for the remainder of the day due to a breakdown of the filtration and sanitizing systems or other related equipment, to perform necessary safety maintenance or sanitizing functions or in the event of a medical emergency in which 911 is called for assistance. 
  17. Running on the pool deck, throwing any sort of hard ball or pool toy, diving from a floating object or pool deck, jumping from the pool deck onto an object in the water, dunking or holding another swimmer under water, sitting or standing on another’s shoulders, rough horseplay, pushing or foul/abusive language on the pool deck or inside of the water will not be tolerated.  Do not sit on top of the pool gate fencing.  Spitting or other similar actions are discouraged for sanitary reasons.Any resident requesting to use a mermaid tail or any other pool accessory must prove that he/she can swim a length of the pool correctly and without difficulty. 
  18. If a resident decides to sit under water on the bottom of the pool, he/she must surface after 20 seconds to indicate to the lifeguard that he/she is fine.  If the resident has not surfaced after 20 seconds, the stationed lifeguard on duty is required to enter the water to retrieve/rescue the resident.
  19. As a safety precaution, large rafts and floats over 3.5 feet in diameter that obstruct a lifeguard’s view of the pool floor are not allowed in the swimming pool.  These floats and rafts are allowed only during specified activities.  The Pool Guest Services Staff or Lifeguards may approve the usage of smaller inner tubes or floats.  Pool noodles are approved for usage however may not be used to hit/strike another individual.  To keep from obstructing the lifeguard’s view of the bottom of the swimming pool, use no more than two noodles per person.


F. Water Slide Polices

1)      Flotation devices are not permitted on the slide.

2)      Children 3 and under may slide only when held on the lap of a guardian.

3)      Children over 3 may slide alone only if they are at least 48 inches tall and capable of swimming in 3 ½ feet of water.

4)      Only one slider at a time is permitted.  Chains of people are prohibited.

5)      The slide must be ridden feet first on your back in a sitting or lying down position.

6)      Arms and hands must be kept inside the flume at all times.

7)      No running, diving, standing, kneeling, rotating or stopping while on the slide.

8)      No loitering at the bottom of the slide. The rider must obey all instructions of the lifeguard or pool attendant and exit quickly.

9)      Swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets or metal ornamentation are not permitted on the slide.

G.    Guest Policies

  1. Any person without a Membership Card that accompanies the resident to the Residents’ Club will be deemed a “guest.”  Guests must present a guest pass or pay the appropriate guest fee upon entering.
  2. Residents may not “check-in” their guest at the swimming pool and then leave the Facility.  Residents are required to remain with their guests and take full responsibility for their behavior.  This includes grandchildren.
  3. Pool guest fees apply to guests who are swimmers and non-swimmers.  Non-swimmers are individuals who will not be entering the pool water for reasons including but not limited to: watching a swimmer in the pool, attending a pool party rental or to just enjoy the pool atmosphere while sunbathing on the pool deck.
  4. If the pool must be closed due to inclement weather for more than one period of 30 minutes within three hours of a resident’s arrival, the pool guest fee will be refunded.  Please note that pool guest fee punch cards may not be “un-punched” once they have been used.  If you expect inclement weather, please use cash for your pool guest fees.
  5. Daily guest fees at the gate will be charged as follows: $2.00 weekdays, $3.00 weekends, $5.00 holidays. See guest fee exceptions listed below:
  6. Grandchildren of residents may use the pool Facility without having to pay the guest fee if they are accompanied by their grandparent.  A grandparent may only bring up to four grand children free of charge at one time. The grandparent may not send the grandchild to the pool Facility unattended, no matter the age of the grandchild.  The grandchild is still considered a guest at the Facility.  The resident’s adult children are not free to use the Facility without paying the guest fee. The adult children may not use the pool Facility as their children’s babysitter/caregiver in order to receive free guest fees.
  7. Nannies, babysitters or caregivers are free to use the Facility when bringing the resident’s children to the Facility; providing that they are not accompanied by the residents. The caregiver will need the residents Membership Card to get into the pool.  If the nanny, babysitter or caregiver brings the children to the Facility, and the resident arrives at the pool Facility later, the resident will have to pay the pool guest fee for the nanny, babysitter or caregiver since he/she is no longer considered the primary caregiver.  To be eligible for a caregiver, the child must be under age 9 or have not passed the swim test. We understand special circumstances may arise, please bring those to the management on an individual basis.
  8. Future residents under contract and building a home in the community may use the pool Facility without having to pay the guest fee.  Full Homeowners Association Dues are paid for those on contract via their builder.  Future residents under contract will be charged pool guests fees when bringing their guest to the pool and be subject to all rules and regulations as set forth by the Homeowners Association Rules & Regulations. 
  9. Residents may purchase a Pool Guest Punch Card from the Residents’ Club management.  This card will allow a resident to pay for guest fees at the gate and not have to carry cash with them to the Facility. The card contains 15 punches, each worth one visit to the pool.  If lost, the card will not be replaced.  Once a punch has been used, it cannot be given back.
  10. Residents may purchase a House Guest Card from the Residents’ Club management.  This card will allow a resident’s guest, to use the clubhouse, swimming pool, volleyball court, walking trails & path, play field and playground without the resident being present.  The card is valid for seven consecutive days, including weekends and holidays.  If lost, the card will not be replaced. This card is for out of town guests staying with the resident, or for house sitters staying in the home while the homeowner is away.

H.  Facility Reservation and Rental Policies

  1. The facilities at the Founders Pointe Residents’ Club are available on a first come first serve basis, with priority given to residents over non-residents for rentals.  Rentals will be scheduled around the Founders Pointe Residents’ Club activity calendar.  The facilities will not be available to rent on certain holidays and holiday weekends.  The rental prices, times, rules and regulations are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  2. Any grouping of 13 or more individuals for any reason, including residents or non-residents, at the Residents’ Club Facility does require a rental.
  3. If you desire or need assistance, additional staff residents may be added to your rental at the rate of $12.00 per hour, per staff resident. Additional hours may be added at a prorated amount; all additional time is prorated by the hour only.
  4. Depending on the amount of usage and time of year, the Residents’ Club Management may reduce the rental rate to suite the needs of the Facility. Rentals during operating hours may occur in conjunction with normal use and scheduled activities.
  5. The Facility may not be closed to residents during operating hours unless approved by Club Management..
  6. The resident is responsible for the actions and behavior of all residents and guests attending the rental; including financial responsibility for property damages.  The resident is solely responsible for the behavior of all minors and safety while at the Facility during a rental/party. All Rules and Regulations set forth in this document apply to rentals and their guests. 
  7. Pool guest fees are not charged for private Facility rentals.
  8. For every 50 guests at a rental, one staff resident will be present.  All clubhouse and lifeguard staff working private parties must be regular Founders Pointe Residents’ Club employees.  At no time shall a renter/resident be given keys to the facilities and left unattended.
  9. A security deposit of $100 and half of the total fee for the rental is required to book the Facility. The remaining rental fees are due 7 days prior to the event date.
  10. The resident renting the Facility must return the property to its pre-function condition.  This includes cleaning the Facility, adhering to the checklist and repairing damages to the Facility.  Failing to complete the checklist will result in the loss or partial loss of the $100.00 security deposit at an amount deemed appropriate by the Residents’ Club Management.  If the property is severely damaged during a rental, the Homeowners Association Board will take action against the resident.
  11. If the clubhouse or pool furniture is to be moved or rearranged for a Do-It-Yourself or Facility Rental, the resident is responsible for walking through the Facility and noting any changes in the furniture arrangement. The Facility set-up must be finalized no later than seven days before to the rental date. 
  12. After a Do-It-Yourself Rental, the area inside the clubhouse or pool shade structure must be clean-up and vacated.
  13. All equipment, food, beverages, decorations and supplies must be removed from the Residents’ Club premises when the rental/party is over.  If the rental includes a tent, make sure that the equipment rental company removes the tent in a timely manner.  Do not use tape or thumb tacks on the clubhouse walls, wood molding, columns, pool shade structures or any other wallpapered or painted surface in which the item may cause damage.  Residents will be charged for damages caused by decorations.
  14. The resident may request additional staffing at the rate of $12.00 per hour for help with the set-up or clean-up, food service, or supervising children.
  15. No smoking inside the Residents’ Clubhouse, or in the restrooms.
  16. No glass of any kind is permitted on the pool deck.
  17. All functions must end no later than midnight.  Outdoor music must end by 10:00 p.m.
  18. The Residents’ Club staff has full authority to ensure the safety and well being of both the guests and the Facility. This authority includes ending the function and closing the Facility if necessary.
  19. A Residents’ Club staff resident will be present during all functions. All lifeguards working private parties must be regular Founders Pointe Residents’ Club staff. 


  1.   Activity & Program Policies
  1. Residents and future residents are allowed to participate in activities, programs, sports teams, and social clubs.  Any non-resident may attend an event at the Residents’ Club if accompanied by a resident. Information about activities and programs will be provided by routine distributions of newsletters, calendars, flyers, email and website updates.
  2. The Founders Pointe Residents’ Club has an Activity Planning Committee that is made up of residents who desire to be involved in the planning process of the activities and programs held at the Residents’ Club.  All residents are invited to participate in the committee.  See the Club Management for more information.
  3. The Residents’ Club plans activities and programs as to not incur a debt to the Founders Pointe Homeowners Association.  No part of the Homeowners Association dues are allotted to paying for the activities and programs held at the Residents’ Club.  In order to plan activities without a budget, the Residents’ Club must charge an admission fee that will recover 100% of the activity or program expenses.
  4. To ensue that all expenses are recovered by an activity or program, there is a minimum number of participants needed to register and participate to hold all activities and programs.  A few activities and programs have limited capacity and participation is only available on a first come first serve basis.  If the minimum required number is not met during registration, the activity or program will be cancelled.
  5. To be fair to all, any person attending an event will be required to pay the full admission fee even if they arrive late, leave early, or do not eat or drink while there.  Admittance fees begin at age three.
  6. To allow for accurate activity planning for food, beverages, paper and plastic supplies, games, prizes and entertainment, the Residents’ Club has a Registration Policy.  Those planning to attend are required to register their family and guests in advance by registering at the Residents’ Club, via e-mail, post mail or by calling the Residents’ Club. 
  7. For children to attend activities and programs, they must be completely potty trained.  The FPRC Staff will not change diapers.  Children must be able to participate in the scheduled activities.  The Residents’ Club is not a licensed day care Facility. Do not bring a sick or contagious child to an activity or program.
  8. A few adult activities and programs require that participants be 21 years old and over to attend the event; for example a wine or beer tasting.  Many adult activities are limited in the number of participants that may attend and are on a first come, first serve basis only.  This will keep the event from being over crowded when held inside the clubhouse.


J.  Social Club Policies

  1. One person living in the community must be listed as the social club contact and head of the club.  Social Club residents must all be residents of the Residents’ Club or future residents. The social club must hold an open invitation to allow all residents living in the community to attend. It must be an equal opportunity social club, as to not exclude anyone for any reason.
  2. The social club may meet at the Residents’ Club once a month on a set scheduled date for up to three hours for each meeting.  One Residents’ Club staff resident will be present to open the club for the meeting no earlier than 15 minutes before the meeting and no later than 15 minutes after the meeting.
  3. Residents must set-up and clean-up their own meetings.  If the clubhouse furniture is moved, it must be returned to the original location after the meeting.  Food, beverages, paper and plastic supplies or entertainment will not be supplied by the Residents’ Club.


K.  Payment Policies

  1. The Founders Pointe Residents’ Club accepts cash and personal checks for activities, programs, Facility rentals and pool guest fees.  Credit and debit cards are not accepted nor can residents charge items to an account. 
  2. All returned checks for insufficient funds will cost the resident $40.00 per occurrence, plus the check amount.  Payment for an insufficient funds check must be made by cash or money order.  If the resident does not pay the Founders Pointe Residents’ Club after one attempted has been made to collect payment, it will be forwarded to the Homeowners Association Manager for further action.
  3. If a resident has three checks returned for insufficient funds, he/she will no longer be allowed to write checks to the Founders Pointe Residents’ Club.  All checks must be made payable to: the Founders Pointe Homeowners Association. Residents may not write a check over the amount in order to receive change.
  4. If a resident uses a Gift Certificate to pay for an activity or program, no type of change (legal tender, another certificate or a credit) will be given back for any unused portion.  Gift certificates will not be replaced if lost or stolen.
  5. The Founders Pointe Residents’ Club is not able to accept a resident’s Homeowners Association dues payment, nor do they have any information pertaining to the account.  All inquiries must be made to the Homeowners Association Management.


L.  Crime Watch Policies

  1. If a resident witnesses any type of crime on the Founders Pointe Residents’ Club or on common grounds property, they should report it to the Isle of Wight Sherriff’s Department, Founders Pointe Residents’ Club Management, and the Founders Pointe Homeowners Association.


M.  Amendment of Policies

  1. Regulations are subject to amendment without prior notice to residents if deemed necessary by Founders Pointe LLC and the Founders Pointe Homeowners Association Board.

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