Founders Pointe Residents' Club
                                    Rules & Regulations
A.  Introduction
It is the intent of the Board of Directors of the Founders Pointe Homeowners to limit these rules and regulations to the minimum required for the mutual enjoyment of the Facility and grounds by its property owners, immediate family residents in their household and guests.  The obligation of enforcing these rules and regulations for the good of all residents is placed primarily in the hands of an extensively trained staff.  The principal responsibility of this staff is to assure all of the courtesies, comforts and services that the residents of this private club are entitled.  It is further the duty of the membership possessor, immediate family residents living in their household and their guests to know its rules and to cooperate with management and staff in the enforcement thereof.  The use of the Residents’ club facility and Residents’ Park is included in the monthly HOA assessments. Anytime a homeowner is delinquent on their assessments, the Resident’s club will be notified and the homeowner’s membership will become inactive. The membership will remain inactive until all assessments have been repaid and are up to date. Inactive memberships are ineligible to use the Residents’ Club facility; including the swimming pool and any activities hosted by the Residents’ Club.


The increased complexity of operating a private club demands professional, management by trained and knowledgeable people.  Therefore, the Founders Pointe Residents’ Club is under direction of Founders Pointe LLC, a company of East West Partners. Founders Pointe LLC and the Founders Pointe Homeowners Association have complete responsibility of managing the Club so that it remains both a source of pride and enjoyment to its residents. The regulations set forth in this document were adopted by the Founders Pointe Homeowners Association.
See link below to view the entire list of Rules and Regulations: Adopted 2015

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