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2020 Membership Renewal
Memberships must be renewed by the homeowner each year. Memberships must be renewed before anyone in the household will be allowed access to the swimming pool. The purpose of the renewal process is to ensure that only Founders Pointe residents gain access to the swimming pool. Through the renewal process the Residents’ Club can remove anyone that is not eligible for membership, and can deactivate memberships of those residents who no longer live in the community. Please remember that your membership will be deactivated if you are delinquent 30 days or more on your Founders Pointe Homeowners’ Association assessments. Those homeowners who are currently delinquent 30 days or more on their assessments will not be allowed to renew their household's membership until their payments are up to date and the Residents’ Club has been notified by the Founders Pointe Homeowners’ Association.
The renewals process is quick, taking no more than 5 minuets. We will verify that all information on your membership application is accurate, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses. At that time you may add or remove household members to your membership. Please see below for eligibility requirements. Members who have turned 3 years old will need to be issued a membership card for the first time and thus will need to have their photo taken. Members who have turned 9 years old (and have passed the swim test) will also need to have their photos taken, as they will be issued a new membership card, and will now be allowed to come to the pool by themselves.
If you have chosen to leave your membership cards at the Residents’ Club, you may renew in person, over the phone or via e-mail.  For those who wish to renew in person, please call first to make sure that staff is available to accommodate you, as we have limited staff in the off season. 

Membership & Membership Card Policies

Individuals must make an application to the Residents’ Club in order to have access to any of the facilities at The Founders Pointe Residents’ Club. All Club facilities and activities are for the sole use of Founders Pointe residents, all permanent household residents and accompanied guests during operating hours.
Individuals that are under contract, and have not closed on their home, will receive a temporary Membership Card in the mail provided the Residents’ Club has received a completed membership application from the family or their East West Realty Agent. Replacement Membership Cards for future property owners are $5.00 and must be paid for when the replacement request is made.
Once a homeowner closes on their home, if not contacted by the Residents’ Club, should inquire to set up a Membership Application Meeting. At this meeting you will receive your permanent Membership Card, as well as be briefed on the rules, regulations and procedures for the facility. Any household residents not able to make it to the meeting may come at a later date to have their Membership Card made. Replacement Membership Cards for property owners are $5.00 and must be paid for when the replacement request is made. 
Residents permanently living in the household who are three years old or older are required to have their own Membership Card. Individuals permanently living in the household ages 18 years old or older are required to show proof of residency in the household. The individual may use their driver’s license, a government, military or school document with their name and the property owner’s address listed on it. A photocopy of the document will be required to obtain their  Membership Card and will be securely maintained in their membership file. 
Renting tenants residing in a household may only become eligible to use the Residents’ Club facility once the homeowner has signed over their rights to use the amenities via a Transfer of Amenity Rights and has turned in all Membership Cards issued to the household.
Upon the resale of a home, it it’s the seller’s responsibility to turn in any Membership Cards issued to that household and notify the Founders Pointe Homeowners Association. The buyer is responsible for applying for a new membership for the household.
The Membership Card is required to enter the swimming pool Facility. The Pool Guest Services Staff will not be allowed to accept any other form of identification such as a driver’s license, military or school identification card. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this guideline is to protect our resident’s usage rights and keep those that do not belong from using the facility.
If you do not wish to keep your Membership Card, the Residents’ Club may hold on to it for you. During the summer season the Membership Cards are kept at the swimming pool gate under the supervision of the Pool Guest Services Staff. From October thru April, the Membership Cards are kept inside the clubhouse. Please see the appropriate staff to get your card.
If you have any questions, need to fill out an application, or would like a personal tour of the Residents' Club facilities, please call the Residents Club at 757-238-8717.

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